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After being certified in the GYROTONIC® expansion system, I wanted to get deeper in the work.  I also really wanted a way for my students to access the amazing lengthening and expanding from Gyrotonic, but not have to rely on the machines to achieve the results.  Fortunately, much like Pilates, Gyrotonic has just that option!


The GYROKINESIS® method is an exercise modality that uses the body to go beyond its limitations.  The movement increases the functional capacity of the entire organism in a harmonious way.

It does this by using movement principles found in modalities such as yoga, dance, swimming and tai chi.  The system works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement, gently working the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises.  The movement also stimulates the body's internal organs and is integrated with corresponding breathing patterns.  

Gyrokinesis movement increases circulation through aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation, causing better circulation of energy within the blood and lymphatic liquids.  It also increases the mobility of the joints, promoting full functionality in ALL directions.  


Gyrokinesis will also stimulate and strengthen the nervous system, leading to improved coordination due to the increased muscular connection.  All of your senses will be improved, as well as better elimination and absorption, leading to a happier, fully functioning organism.

It will change your life.  And all you need is a stool to sit on.  



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