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Pilates is more than exercise – it’s a lifestyle.  It can change everything about the way you feel, the way you look, and the way you move.  Pilates will focus your mind, breath, and body in harmony and balance to give you the results you’re searching for.  Pilates is based on fluid, focused movement that is gentle on the joints.  I have been a Pilates student since 2001 and became a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2007 from Body Arts and Science International.  


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM​® uses spiral & circular movement in rhythmic repetitions with focused breath.  Many fitness forms are very confining and linear and don’t allow for natural, free movement for your joints and muscles.  With the specialized equipment and exercise sequences, this compression-free movement will leave your body balanced, flexible, and strong.  I have been a Gyrotonic student since 2010 and am currently a Certified Gyrotonic Trainer.


The Galileo Vibration Plate is currently used successfully around the world in the areas of medical therapy and rehabilitation for orthopedic and neurological conditions. It can also be used for strength training and better connection to the fascial and neurological systems. Often repetitive motions isn't enough when attempting to connect and strengthen specific muscle groups. Receiving mechanical stimulation from the Galileo vibration plate will help you to reconnect to those muscle groups, allowing you better fluid movement, increased strength and less impact on joints. I received my certification in Galileo Fundamentals in 2022. 


Working in linear and circular planes of motion, the body is worked through a system of blocks to ensure that each body part gets energized.  Adding to the movement is the focus of your mind through breath, coordination, and muscle awareness.  The most brilliant part of the Pilates Method is that you learn how to engage your true core muscles for every exercise. When you work your legs, you use your core. When you work your arms, you use your core. Even while lying on your stomach, your core will be working and working hard!


The Pilates Reformer is the machine that you will use in addition to smaller equipment props.  The Reformer is based on the original design by Joseph Pilates and is a resistance-type machine.  The resistance is created by large springs connected to beds and cables that you use for your hands or your feet.  By applying this resistance, your muscles will strengthen, lengthen and tone without shortening and getting larger.


The Pilates Method is beneficial for any age, any gender, and any level.  If you’re an extremely active athlete, Pilates will keep your body and core stable to be able to continue all of your current sports.  If you suffer from injuries and are trying to find a gentle way to get moving again, Pilates is perfect for you.  Maybe you just want better muscle awareness and are curious about the biomechanics of the body, you will find your answers with the Pilates Method.



Creator Juliu Horvath began his movement training in gymnastics and swimming.  By 21, he was a principal dancer with the Romanian National Ballet Company but his dance career was abruptly interrupted by an injury.  During rehab he started practicing yoga and began to have profound energetic experiences.  Juliu focused the next 6 years of his life on yoga, meditation, healing and movement.  He began a new movement system entitled “Yoga for Dancers.” This method expanded into the GYROKINESIS® method and eventually the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® with specialized machines that Juliu hand-crafted himself.


The two consistent questions I’m asked when talking about Gyrotonic is what is the movement like?  Is it like Pilates?  In the beginning I also believed that it was similar to Pilates due to the necessity of the mind and body connection and also the machine type.  But I can honestly tell you that, no, Gyrotonic is not like Pilates.  And the more I do it, the more different it feels.  Think about gyrating movement (spiral/circular movement) like swimming mixed with dance mixed with Yoga.  I was introduced to Gyrotonic in 2010 when working through a labral tear in my hip.  I fell in love with the movement immediately!  The work is amazingly efficient and accessible to any body – and I’m 6’7″, so you know that’s true!


galileo vibration plate

Vibrational work has always fascinated me. From hand held devices to full body shaking, our nervous, muscular and skeletal systems respond to vibration. I have had the immense pleasure of adding the transformative Galileo work to my studio to help students better connect to their bodies and themselves. Receiving the patent in 1996, the Galileo was the original vibration plate. The plate may be used to enhance Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods or it can be enjoyed independently. I am officially certified in leading students through actual movements and workouts on the Galileo. Let me show you how much more you can experience through this amazing machine!

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